A unified interface for all marketing platforms

Automated data collection from all advertising platforms

All marketing parameters visualization

Adjusting the settings of ad buying platforms
A unified interface for all marketing platforms
Advertisers use 4 types of marketing systems to control the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns:

  • Ad buying platforms (Programmatic Buying / DSP);
  • Traffic analysis systems (Google Analytics, Omniture, Yandex.Metrika);
  • Data Storage and Management Platforms (Big Data / DMP);
  • CRM systems.

Ad buying platforms usually are represented by several ones (Google Ads, MediaMath, Facebook Ads, AdMob)

Most specialized advertising systems and technologies require the making of control panels to manage the buying process more effectively: to increase sales, to make an effective investment, and to get a competitive advantage.

Automated data collection from all advertising platforms
Lack of a single management interface makes advertisers to manually collect data from all systems to get the overall situation in a nutshell.

This leads to additional staff costs and lack of operational control of the situation. This cancels the benefits of using the latest technology.

The intuition and experience of the "captain" are not designed for modern technology and the risk to fly into reefs or to run aground in this state of affairs is much higher than before.

All marketing parameters visualization
Modern advertising platforms have excellent interfaces, which, as they develop, become more complicated and understandable only for narrow specialists.

But for marketers, only certain KPIs, their dynamics and exact derivatives (revealing reasons) are most often needed. In addition, it is necessary to immediately receive information about failures and differences of the plan.

It is necessary to display only significant parameters on one screen in order to quickly influence the situation and manage marketing tasks and objectives.

Adjusting the settings of ad buying platforms
The systems for setting up the parameters of communication and managing the purchase of advertising are the first and the greatest part of investments.

Control and the ability to instantly adjust these systems' parameters are the daily and main tasks of marketing.

To improve conversion performance or increase sales, you need to adjust the purchasing parameters on a daily basis.

Target Audience
Marketing (Advertising) director and their team
Firstly, we are interested in the advertisers themselves.Marketing (Advertising) Director: this tool will allow you to monitor the current marketing and advertising landscape at any time at any level: from overall strategy to tactical settings.

It may not be necessary to hire managers who manually collect data from several ad and analytical systems and wait for the final report before the meeting with the CEO.

Using Axioma Dashboard Marketing (Advertising Director) is always aware of what is happening. They are always ready to give an answer to the management about the effectiveness of advertising costs.

Advertising Agency SEO
The Advertising Agency gets the most obvious benefits of using Dashboard. Usually, Advertising Agency holds a lot of advertising campaigns for different clients and reporting process for each ad campaign is the agency managers' area of responsibility.

Axioma's Agency interface differs from the functionality of the Advertiser one. Axioma develops new levels of a professional tool for ad monitoring and analyzing a massive amount of data.

Functional features
Easy connection of any external and own ad platform accounts
Ad buying Platforms
(Programmatic Buying / DSP)
Sales Plans and Media Plans
Traffic analysis Systems
(Google Analytics, Omniture etc)
Report by product / service type
Report builder
Report by geo
Report by media formats
Report by audience segments
Automated control of key indicators
AXIOMA helps to define planned marketing parameters for each media channel, advertising platform and advertising campaign in general.

Controlled access to information
AXIOMA provides options to limit access to information for each department or employee.Select the role and configure the interface for available duties of this role. Nothing superfluous and everything you need!

Deep analysis for Desktop

Operative control and quick reaction in mobile
Automated feedback from ad platforms

Programming commands from AXIOMA to ad buying platforms: to stop or start placements, to adjust bids.

Dynamic media planning

Pick of the most effective media channels and settings, the identification of the optimal price and budgets split, not only at the start of the campaign but also in the process of placement.

End-to-end analytics
AXIOMA Dashboard is the first step to build your own end-to-end analytical system. Next release: AXIOMA connects CRM and user's path from an ad view to a purchase.

Results of AXIOMA implementation
Staff costs reduced (+$2000 / months and more)

No more bugs in advertising campaign

Ad investments more effective

Finally, you can travel more
About us
Russia, 2014
Performance marketing agency is established

Russia, 2015
Expert center in Programmatic Buying is created. The first version of Media Dashboard implemented to the request of the first customers. Dashboard's optimization for the internal tasks of the advertising agency is started.Russia, Kazakhstan

2016 Media Dashboard is developing. More and more clients asked for additional functions. First full-time development team was set.Russia, Kazakhstan, United Kingdom

2017 – AXIOMA LLC is established in Scotland.The growing demand for the Media Dashboard in Russia and the Kazakhstan, as well as market analysis in Europe and China, led to the opening of a newcompany with a reference to the international market under a new brand, a new team, and an office under brand that is not connected to the advertising agency (to avoid a conflict of interest).AXIOMA Russia, Kazakhstan, UK, Czech Republic

2018 The first Dashboard's release was provided to customers: PIK Group, Virgin Connect, Aeroexpress, RA Media Gate, RA Union Media Sevice, RA Media Port,The waiting list of the second release includes such agencies as OMD, Dentsu Aegis Network. A contract with Google was signed to manage DoubleClick, Google Ads, including a credit line and technical partnership.Current AXIOMA staff - 7 people. Development office based in Prague (Czech Republic) and financial office based in Edinburgh (Scotland)

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