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We don't predict results

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Media Strategy

Our strategists will prepare a media strategy for you, taking into account the capabilities of the most modern marketing platforms and tools.

Programmatic Buying

Our traders will connect new data to increase a performance and effectiveness of advertising.

Complete transparency of all costs and settings.


Our analytics team will help you control all KPI's. You will always know how to make marketing even better.

Content & Creative

Not only designers, but also programmers help us to get your message noticed. We use AI and DCO technologies for it.

Media Tools
We Program Advertising Campaigns
Display & Video 360
Setting up effective buying strategies from Reach to Performance. Transparency of buying and support for self-service clients.

Campaign Manager 360

Hi level of reporting: all channels in one interface from impression to conversion
(including through-view conversions)
Search Ads 360
Assistance in setting up and optimizing search advertising campaigns
the TradeDesk Asia
Programmatic access to additional media resources in SouthEast Asia

We founded an agency to work with new markets in Asia.

On August 1, 2018, we signed the Doubleclick Advertising and Google Analytics 360 Suite Platform Agreement .

Since then, we have promoted DV360 and provided support to agencies and advertisers in the region.

First of all, our clients appreciate our responsiveness, deep product knowledge of Google Marketing Platforms and professional customer service.

Each employee is regularly certified
  • Sergei Golovkin
    Managing Director
  • Alexey Kotkov
    Business Development Director
  • Petr Shelomovskiy
    CTO / Founder
  • Irina Moskaleva
    Client Service Director
  • Konstantin Protasov
    Programmatic Director
  • Arseniy Makeev
    Senior Programmatic manager
  • Nikita Ivanov
    Programmatic manager
  • Anna Shelomovskaya
    Web Analytic
Clients and Partners

Customer Reviews

  • Mary Kay

    Programmatic agency AXIOMA and MediaGate Kazakhstan LLP are our partners in digital advertising placement.

    Cooperation with this advertising agency allowed us to increase the interest of users in the brand and ensured an increase in conversions on the site. All set KPIs of advertising campaigns are being fulfilled. We express our special gratitude for the proactivity, prompt resolution of issues and support in adapting creatives. We recommend Media Gate Kazakhstan LLP as a reliable partner and a team of interested experts.

    Marketing Director / Ivan.

  • Freedom finance

    Freedom finance expresses gratitude to AXIOMA and Media Gate for the high level of advertising campaigns: proactive service and recommendations, high level of expertise of employees and prompt support

    Digital Manager / Alexandra.

  • Astana Motors

    While the partnership is ongoing, the company has experienced a 3x increase in engagement rates and has already generated 3,000 valid leads in just one month. The team shows deep knowledge in their field and is always open to discussing ideas that can improve the project.

    Marketing Director / Ivan.
Flash up (Carlsberg) – energy drink for modern and active people who need additional energy and force for progress every day. Location: The Republic of Kazakhstan
- Introduce and raise awareness of the Flash up brand in Kazakhstan
- Grow Flash up email subscriber list
Strategy approach:
Used programmatic buying to lead prospects down the path to purchase
Organized website audiences with Google Analytics
Leveraged a range of audience data in DV360 to buy paid media in display and social channels
Currently, we continue to work on optimizing performance indicators to improve results.
- Drove almost 2X the anticipated revenue
- Exceeded CPA targets and achieved a 800% return on ad spend (ROAS)
- Increased web traffic and email/Instagram subscribers
Newport - A unique mixed-use project featuring a balanced combination of residential units, offices, services, and recreational areas. Comfort class. Location: the center of Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
• The main goal of the business is the sale of apartments.
• The main goal of marketing is to attract quality leads.
• We work at all stages of the sales funnel, using DV360 campaigns to reach and increase brand awareness.
Strategy approach:
• Established dynamic ad creation strategies for acquisition and remarketing via DoubleClick Studio.
• Updated ad content daily to reflect current inventory.
• Ran A/B testing to compare performance and drive optimizations.
  • 30% Digital sales have increased in the six months of working with the client
  • $ 20,65 mln in monetary equivalent
  • by 5 times The number of calls has increased
  • by 8 times The number of online meetings has increased
  • approximately 2000 digital clients monthly
  • 282 apartments sold during 4 month
Flexible terms of payment for services
Support Flor Rate
For ads campaigns < $10,000 per month
$1 000 per month
Platform Support
Technical, advice, training
5 support tickets per month
$1500 per month
Media Strategy Support
Integration programmatic into media strategy
10% from media budget
Analytic Support
Connection GA4 and buying platform
5 ticket per month
$900 per month

We don't predict results

We achieve them

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